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Cooling Stones Set of 9

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These Cooling Stones for drinks also known as Cool Rocks are an alternative to using ice cubes as a way of cooling you favorite beverage.

They will ensure that your whiskey, white wine and gin & tonic are at the right temperature without diluting your drink. They are stored in the freezer and have a similar format of ice cubes, but have a clear advantage over them: the granite cubes do not dilute the cocktail, long drink or apple spritzer. And they can be reused over and over again.

In a jug with homemade lemonade or flavored water, the cooling stones are also a real eye-catcher. As an icebreaker, they bring your guests into conversation at the party. When all glasses are empty and you have rinsed the cool stones under running water, they are waiting in the practical storage bag for their next use.

Using whiskey stones is simple: Place them in the freezer at least 4 hours before use. When you are ready to have a glass of scotch, place your whiskey stones into the glass and pour your drink.

Whiskey stones require little effort to clean after being used. Kill bacteria on your stones and prevent the buildup of residue by rinsing them in warm water and dish soap. Soak stones in a mixture of water and vodka to remove flavors that may have been absorbed by the stones while stored in the freezer.


  • 9 pieces of granite cubes in a set
  • Cool drinks without watering down
  • With black velvety bag for storage