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GOTCHA by Silke Kaiser

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A female polygraphist lifts the lid on crime in South Africa

This is a fascinating journey into the minds of criminals. The author allows the reader to journey with her in her work as she uncovers crime. She has chronicled her most interesting cases in this book which will be difficult to put down.

Gotcha: A polygraphist lifts the lid on crime in South Africa

This is a book written by a female polygraphist, and is a true account of crime in South Africa, based on actual polygraphs conducted. From describing the planning of farm attacks, to crime in suburbia and in the workplace, this book lifts the lid on the crime wave that is sweeping the nation.

Silke Kaiser has also released videos on social media about farm attacks.

Pages: 450

Each book is individually signed by the author!

What makes a criminal..... a criminal? Silke reveals how and why farm attacks are planned. She answers the question of why some women become involved in priority crimes. She talks about drug addiction and the devastating effect it has on families, and causes mothers to become co-dependent. The psychology and the planning of Cash In Transit Heists are also explained. This book explains the causes and the effects of crime, taken from actual polygraphs conducted This is a book that is the first of its kind - taken directly from the front-line of the crime wave that is sweeping South Africa.

"I pressed her in her crotch and asked her for her cell phone. I felt both her breasts, pretending to look for a cell phone. She was white and she was beautiful. She had the same colour hair as you......."

"Gert led me into the house. A body was lying underneath a sheet."

"..... a shrivelled up baboon's arm, blue twine tied onto the fence and tree branches, and a dark substance smeared onto the doors. I knew that I was looking at witchcraft."

This book makes for riveting reading. Brace yourself for the truth.