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Ladies Satin Face Mask (Ear Elastic) - Rose Gold

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Polyester satin is known to be less absorbent than cotton (and many other fabrics). Because of the quick-drying properties and smooth satin surface, satin is also known to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Smooth super soft satin is much gentler on your skin, which helps prevent "maskne".


There is a little pocket opening you can use to insert a surgical mask (or a dried wet/baby wipe). Cut them to the shape of the mask and insert for added protection.

Remove when you wash your mask every evening.

Daily hand washing is recommended.

Please also wash before 1st use.


Ear elastic does soften beautifully with use for an even more comfortable fit.

Please note the elastic colour now used is all BLACK.


The face masks are made with lots of love in South Africa using the most luxurious quality stretch polyester satin.

The ziplock bag is made from recycled water bottles, and we hope you reuse them, they super useful.


I protect you … you protect me!

Remember you wear a mask to protect others, they reduce germs spreading when you talking, sneezing or coughing. They also help prevent us from touching our face.

We encourage you all to STAY SAFE, be responsible & most importantly, be kind and helpful to others.


Dear Deer Vegan & PETA approved.