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Rose Gold Super Sized Scrunchie & Mask Set

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Satin scrunchies & masks are made with high-quality stretch satin and of course lots of love xxx

With less friction & tension our satin scrunchies are more gentle on your hair or braids, and they help reduce breakage on damaged, weak & dry hair.

Because of the quick-drying properties and smooth satin surface, satin is also known to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Which helps prevent "maskne" YAY !

There is a little pocket opening in the mask you can use to insert a surgical mask (or a dried wet/baby wipe) for added protection. Cut them to the shape of the mask and insert for added protection. Remove when you wash your mask every evening.

Remember you wear a mask to protect others, they reduce germs spreading when you talking, sneezing or coughing. They also help prevent us from touching our face.

I encourage to reuse the ziplock bag they come packaged in, which is made from recycled water bottles.

Dear Deer satin is Vegan & PETA approved.

Please be responsible and most importantly, be kind and helpful to others.

Stay Safe