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Thrist Aid Helmet

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Still as popular as ever the Drinking Hat stands out as one of those classic novelty gifts every body remembers fondly. It just looks like so much fun and of course it doesn't even have to be beer that you can drink using it. And who could ever forget Homer when he wears one at the game, so there you go, even the famous wear them!

It's a great way to multitask with your hands free to do whatever you want while you watch TV. There is so much to be done, like eat Popcorn, change the channel, you know, important stuff.

You can put cans or bottles in the Beer Hat and of course it can be beer but also you can put soft drinks in too. Remember to always drink sensibly!

Great fun and a great novelty that will always be a great laugh at home, on holidays or at festivals with friends.


  • Classic Novelty Drinking Hat
  • Holds 2 Cans or Standard Bottles
  • Hilarious fun and always a favorite